Monday, March 21, 2011

Biggest Annual AT & T to Acquire T-Mobile USA!!

Became a big news year to be completed when the giant phone provider Mobile's second largest United States by AT & T Announces Acquisition of Service Provider third largest at T-Mobile USA to be completed by price 39,000 million U.S. dollars.

With the acquisition of this custom will be leaving service provider GSM giants is only in the United States with a customer base more than 130 million people, challenge people who provide CDMA-based Verizon, the largest in the market at the moment and being will lose the number one for AT & T as a retreat from buying this.
Previously, it used to have something like that and then some, because two years ago, Verizon just bought Alltel Wireless is home to the oh With a value of approximately U.S. $ 28,000 million to expand its service area.
Microsoft do not allow offline. Buy Nokia at all. More big news indeed certified ...

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